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                 New On Line Workshops

"Animals Healing themselves


Naturally from Natures Pharmacy"

This is an on line workshop of 6 elements in total to give you an understanding of Applied Zoopharmacognosy in Canines
How you can help your dog remain healthy, in balance & happy.
Element 1: Saturday 19 th June 2021
Element 2: Saturday 26 th June 2021
Element 3: Saturday 3rd July 2021
Element 4: Saturday 10th July 2021
Element 5: Satruday 17th July 2021
Element 6 : Saturday 31st July 2021
Each element will be at 2pm GMT. Approx. 3 hours in duration.
With question and answers sessions included.
Places are limited.
During the workshops you will learn how to work with your own dog(s).
For full information please email: karen@letyouranimallead.co.uk


August 2021  (6 elements)

               Hosted by 

         Workshop in English

Hundeskolen Syd of Norway



Further dates for workshops 2021 will soon be announced!

If you would like details about hosting an on line workshop or talk.  Please contact me

email: karen@letyouranimallead.co.uk

                   Mob: 07443043662




 Barcelona Feb 2016
together with the students of the workshop

 Voodoo at a workshop in Belgium

Read Voodoo's case study & others on my Facebook Page

 Rupert having enjoyed his Barley Grass at a workshop!